What is the LMC Pastoral Support Team?

The Cambs LMC Pastoral Support Team provides confidential peer support to GPs in need. All members have been trained by the Practitioner Health Programme team to support GPs in an extended role and will be overseen and supported by the executive team at the Knapwell office.


What are the benefits of Mentoring?

  • GP to GP relatable peer relationship
  • GPs are matched to PST members rather than allocated
  • PST members are external to their own organisation / practice
  • Improves job satisfaction and retention
  • Increases confidence and motivation
  • Builds resilience for the individual, the practice and the system
  • Provides support to identify career development
  • Identifies ways for the GP to overcome particular issues
  • Assists with goal setting to achieve professional and personal success
  • Provides stability during a time of uncertainty and concern
  • Seamless transition to more advanced support if required by the CEO and executive team


Who are the GPs who will use the service?

Any GP contacting the LMC needing additional support and signposting to help them through a period of personal or professional challenge.


Who are the PST Members?

The PST members are all practising GPs on the LMC or members of the LMC executive team who have all undertaken training for their role and have access to supervision as required.


What support can I expect?

The process hopes to provide a confidential supportive relationship between two peers, where you will have the time and space to reflect upon your concerns.

The number of sessions provided would be dependant upon your individual circumstances.  We would anticipate that the support required for local NHSE complaints/performance processes or GMC complaints escalated to the MPTS might require a more sessions over a longer period of time. In addition, there may be times when need is greater than capacity. In those circumstances the office may need to prioritise those cases of greater risk and concern. 

The first meeting will be at a mutually agreed, preferably neutral venue or will be via video, instant messaging or telephone contact as well as, or instead of, face to face meetings. Should you or your PST Member feel that you require further support, you may be referred to other external agencies.


What happens if I don’t get on with my PST Member?

We hope that this will not happen, but if you are not happy with your allocated GP or if after meeting them you simply do not get on, then contact office@cambslmc.org  and we can allocate another member of the team.


How do I access this service?

The service is provided by Cambs LMC. If you would like to receive help please email office@cambslmc.orgwhere your query will be treated in confidence with sensitivity.

We may call you back for more details, and will then notify you and arrange a match to a suitable GP to support you. You must inform us and your PST member if you no longer wish to receive support, to free up resources.


Do I have to pay for this?

The programme is free of charge. If you are using work time, you must seek authorisation from your practice. Back-fill will not be paid.


Who will know that I have accessed the programme?

The programme provides a confidential, supportive relationship, so it is up to you who you tell that you are participating. If you are using work time, you should seek authorisation from your practice.


Who do I contact for more information?

Please contact office@cambslmc.org or call 01954 268156.

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