NHS England have now published the guidance which sets out the principles and process relating to the newly-established ‘New to Partnership Payment’ scheme. The scheme will be open to applications from July 2020 from GPs who have become a partner for the first time from 1st April 2020.

This scheme is a commitment from the February 2020 ‘Update to the GP Contract agreement 2020/21–2023/24’, forming part of the suite of interlocking GP recruitment and retention initiatives.

The overarching aim of the scheme is to grow the number of partners – and individuals with equivalent status – working in primary care, stabilizing the partnership model and helping to increase clinicians’ participation levels so that primary medical care and the patients it serves have access to the workforce they need.

It is a nationally managed scheme aimed at supporting registered health care professionals to become practice partners (or legal equivalent) through creating a learning fund to develop skills, coupled with a financial payment.

The scheme gives eligible participants a sum of up to £20,000 plus a contribution towards on-costs of up to £4,000 (for a full-time participant) available to support establishment as a partner. Successful scheme participants have access to up to £3,000 which will be reimbursed to support training needs undertaken in year one. In order to participate in the scheme, applicants will be required to ensure that they submit an application form and supplementary evidence to NHSE/I and meet the eligibility criteria.

*For further information, please see page 3. New to Partnership Scheme Guidance 2020/21

What will participants receive? Successful applicants are able to access two benefits of the programme:

  1. A training fund of up to £3,000 to support early partnership skills development:
  • Participants select the training they assess they
  • Successful scheme participants have access to up to £3,000 which will be reimbursed to support training needs undertaken in year one.
  1. A sum of £20,000 (for a FTE role ***, pro-rata) to support establishment as a new partner:
  • Those working less than full time can apply to the scheme, with the sum calculated on a pro-rata
  • Payment for successful GMS and PMS participants will be made in one lump sum payment. For successful APMS participants, payment will be calculated and paid in line with the length of the APMS contract, which must have a minimum of two years remaining.
  • Where the participant either increases or decreases their hours – or leaves the partnership altogether – the sum will be adjusted proportional to the hours and years worked, subject to a
  • Sum is supported by a further 20% contribution towards tax and National Insurance
*For further information, please see page 5 New to Partnership Scheme Guidance 2020/21

Eligibility – Applicants are invited from a limited list of registered health care professional roles working in general practice delivering GMS, PMS and APMS, including – but not limited to – GPs, Nurses, Pharmacists andPhysiotherapists.

From 1 March 2021, physician associates became the 12th staff group eligible for the ‘New to partnership payment’ scheme – in addition to GPs, nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, physiotherapists, paramedics, midwives, dietitians, podiatrists, occupational therapists and mental health practitioners. Staff in any of these groups taking on a partnership in a GP practice in England on or after 1 April 2020 can apply for a golden hello worth up to £20,000, plus a training allowance worth up to £3,000.

Applications were delayed by the start of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, but opened from 1 July 2020, with thescheme set to run until 2022.

To be eligible to participate in the scheme, the applicant must:

  • Be a Health Care Professional working in general practice who are registered with their respectiveprofessional body and delivering clinical care to patients in general practice through a GMS/ PMS/ APMS
  • Not have been a partner in GP practice
  • Hold a profit-shares, legally-liable
  • Commit to remaining a partner in a GP practice for five years (or pay back a portion of the loan).
  • Deliver a minimum of two clinical sessions per week in their partnership practice throughout the five year
  • Have signed a partnership agreement on or after 1 April 2020 and before the scheme
  • Have a minimum of two years remaining in their
*For further information, please see page 4 New to Partnership Scheme Guidance 2020/21


How to apply

  • Via the online application portal here: primarycareworkforce.nhs.uk
  • Interested applicants & their practice should review the guidance: N2PP Scheme guidance
  • Then complete an online application form: N2PP application form
  • And provide supplementary evidence to support the application. All prospective applicants are encouraged to take their own financial advice before applying to the scheme.
  • If you experience any issues logging in to or using the online portal, guidance is available at (this platform requires a log in): Future NHS Collaboration Portal
  • Or contact the team at: newtopartnershipenquiries@nhs.net
  • Please refer to the Privacy Notice for details of how NHS England will use the personal information that you provide., then complete an online application form.
*For further information, please see page 6 New to Partnership Scheme Guidance 2020/21



For and New to Partnership Payment Scheme queries, please review the FAQs, which are available here: Future NHS Collaboration Platform

Or contact the team at: england.newtopartnershipenquiries@nhs.net

If you do not already hold a Future NHS account, you can simply register via the FutureNHS login page. Should you have any issues accessing the platform, please contact the Primary Care Workforce team: england.primarycareworkforce@nhs.net