01.12.2020 Updated: PGD for the administration of Flublok Quadrivalent vaccine
24.11.2020 GW2869 – 2 to 3 year old flu and MMR letters to be distributed this week
19.11.2020 GW2864 – The alternative offer to live attenuated Influenza vaccine (LAIV)
03.11.2020 FOR URGENT ACTION:  Flu vaccine data request
23.10.2020 GW2811- National Flu Call/Recall for at-risk patients
22.10.2020 GW2808 – Notice from DHSC on ordering additional adult flu vaccine stock
16.10.2020 GW2800 – Updated East Cold Chain Policy & off label vaccine use resources
12.10.2020 GW2787 – Updated DHSC flu stock guidance for GPs
09.10.2020 GW2787- DHSC flu stock guidance for GPs
06.10.2020 GW2776 – IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Letter to GPs in East of England
18.09.2020 GW2743 – suggested flu messaging to Primary Care
04.09.2020 GW2711- For Review and Action – Flu Eligibility
01.09.2020 GW2703 – Updated Inactivated Influenza PGD