The 2020/21 approach to QoF has been revised to reflect the impact of Covid-19 on General Practice. Some indicators will continue to be paid on the basis of practice performance and others will be paid based upon historic achievement.  Colleagues should refer to the NHS England/BMA letter for further details here.

What will happen from April 2021 will depend on evolving Covid circumstances, but NHSE are keen to plan for ‘normal’ QOF arrangements for the new financial year, if they can. The 20/21 changes will be reflected in an amended SFE due to be published shortly.  2020/21’s  567 QOF points focus on three key elements:

  • 183 points will be paid based upon recorded practice performance. This includes the 4 flu and 2 cervical screening indicators whose point value has been doubled.* 
  • 74 points remain with the Quality Improvement domain – which is being amended to focus on restoration and recovery of services and care delivery around Learning Disability and Early Cancer Diagnosis.
  • 310 QOF points will be subject to income protection based upon historic practice performance (subject to other conditions being fulfilled such as a population stratification approach to QOF with the local commissioner. These points are protected on the basis that practices agree to focus care delivery on patients who are identified as having a higher risk of illness from Covid if infected, having parameters suggestive of poorly or uncontrolled LTCs and having a history of missing reviews. These indicators will be monitored via CQRS but this will not be for payment purposes.

*Those indicators which will be paid on practice performance can be found in our QOF 2020/2021 At A Glance Summary below:

QOF 2020/2021 Summary