Dear colleagues

A bonus mini-June round-up.
In this issue: 
  • Cambs LMC GP pressure poster for surgeries/websites/complaint responses
  • GP ACCESS & DEMAND survey results
  • Cambs LMC Elections 2021 Results 
  • Cambs LMC CQC Support Guides
  • Standardised GP Appointment Data DEADLINE 30 JUNE – Guidance attached
  • Delay to roll out of GPDPR patient data sharing programme 
  • The Role of Medical Examiner into Primary Care
This week, on the back of your survey responses, we have already worked with our CCG leaders around seeking:
– Guarantee for all consultant-consultant referrals to take place intra-Trust
– Expedite the provision of walk-in radiology services
– Reopen all MIUs this month
– Trusts to arrange own investigations and prescriptions following A&G/Outpatient consultations
– No redirecting patients to GP to expedite appointments
– Specific asks around improving JET
– GOS-18s direct to Ophthalmology
Your July newsletter will be in your inboxes on 2 July with a suite of resources to help you counter complaints and pressures.
We will also be in touch next month around launching a 5 minute sitrep each week to create a Friday report to share with the system to keep articulating the need to protect GP services.

As always, please do contact us at should you have any queries and please 

share this email with all your practice teams and especially your sessional colleagues.
June 2021 Newsletter
June 2021 Poster