Cambs LMC will be holding an Open Explanatory Meeting on Thursday 9th September 2021 at 19:30pm,  all about the new draft Health and Care Bill likely to come into effect next April. We will be exploring exactly what this will mean for you, your practice, PCN and the wider system.

Please click ‘Book Now’ below and details of this Zoom meeting will be sent out to you the day before the event.


The Government intends to introduce the Health and Care Bill From April 2022, which will deliver significant health reform across England. These include making ICSs (Integrated Care Systems) statutory bodies; dissolving CCGs and transferring their responsibilities, staff and powers to the ICS; formally merging NHS England and NHS Improvement; removing Section 75 of the 2012 Health and Social Care Act and its mandated competitive tendering; and conferring new powers over the NHS to the Secretary of State.

Responding to the publication, the BMA raised concern over the timing of the bill given the huge pressures facing the health and care system as a result of the pandemic, as well as highlighting critical areas where they believe the bill needs to be amended and strengthened to protect the NHS from unnecessary private sector involvement and establish a healthcare system that is collaborative and fit for the future.

You can be assured, your LMC continues to play a critical role in the new arrangements. We appreciate how opaque and irrelevant much of this can seem, but it will affect the whole system in which we practise.

This session will very much be designed to explain what all these means to you, your practice, your PCN, what the Alliances are, and will become, and the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough system itself. It will be held online, as it’s very much going to be about explaining the process and what’s to come.

We will send out some explanatory briefing notes nearer the time, specifically for practices, PCNs and their Clinical Directors to inform them of the relevant practical changes you will see in the coming year.