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We are launching a campaign to help tackle a rise in abusive behaviour towards healthcare workers in primary care across the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough area. Cambs LMC stand together with our colleagues to say that abuse of primary care workers in any role will not be tolerated.  Please read our press statement of 15 October 2021, in full.  

It is hoped that the campaign will encourage patients to consider the impact their attitudes and behaviours have on the health care system, and the people working hard to keep it going. The messages will be shared in primary care settings and promoted through targeted online advertising throughout Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

More information on the campaign (including resources for practices and primary care providers to download) can be found here.  

This is where you will find all the #weareprimarycare campaign materials. You can download:

  • Animations
  • Audio message 
  • Email signature logos
  • Digital Graphics

You can download a folder containing all the campaign materials from Dropbox.


These MP4 file animations are for use on screens and on social media. They are recommended to be used on screens within your practice or to be shared through your social media channels. There are 5 animation variants, and you are welcome to use one or all of these, either simultaneously or staggered around other messages.   You can download a folder containing all the animations from Dropbox.

Audio message

The WAV audio file is recommended to be used when a patient is on hold.  This is often the time when people become frustrated which can, in turn lead to abuse, so it’s important to make sure that patients consider their actions before speaking with staff.

You can also download the audio file from Dropbox.

Email signature logo

You can add this logo to your email signature to show that you support primary care staff and to promote the message further. 

The logos are all JPG files. You can download a folder containing all the signature logos from Dropbox.

Digital Graphics

There are many graphics available which can be shared through social media around your schedule, or used on websites.  

The graphics are all JPG files. You can download a folder containing all the Digital graphics from Dropbox.  

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