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Cambs LMC Guidance Documents to support preparation for Inspections

A Guide to support General Practice with Medicines Management Priorities

A Guide to support General Practice in using Evidence Tables 

A Guide to support General Practice with DNACPR Decisions

During the COVID-19 pandemic, CQC have developed ways of working that reduce risk, and minimise the amount of time spent on site, whilst enabling them to continue regulating. Processes to accommodate digital access to GP clinical systems, supported by teleconferencing/web conferencing to speak with providers have been developed which means a specialist advisor may not always need to be on site. This reduces disruption for the practice and protects patients, practice staff and CQC staff.

With consent from providers, a standard set of clinical searches will be uploaded to run on the practice system which will support the inspection KLOE activity.

A list, which contains examples of the search categories CQC are currently using can be found within this myth buster. Searches are based on national guidance, good practice and MHRA safety advice.

The list of searches is not exhaustive, is updated periodically and each search will be subject to updating. For example, in response to new alerts or changes to guidance, inspection teams may need to run additional searches.

Nigel’s Surgery – Mythbuster 12

Accessing medical records during inspections

Example list of standard system searches from a local inspection

(April 2021)

Practices may find the following resources helpful when preparing for telephone calls or inspection visits with the CQC.

How the CQC monitor GP Practices
CQC Provider Information Collection
CQC Nigel’s Surgery tips and mythbusters
BMA – Preparing for a CQC Inspection
BMA – Staff Training Resource

Practices may also find it helpful to use a published CQC evidence table to form the basis of their preparation for a CQC inspection. Unfortunately, there aren’t blank ones available, however, they are a matter of public record and can be easily accessed (usually the first result) by searching ‘CQC evidence table’ into any search engine.  Click on these examples of Outstanding, Good and Requires Improvement to view the evidence tables which may help you prepare for your own inspection .  

Aug 2021 - Current Regulatory Approach to General Practice

This blog highlights CQC’s current regulatory approach, and dispels some of the myths surrounding it.

Mar 2021 - Changes to inspecting approach from April 2021

The Transitional Monitoring Arrangements approach continues to develop and from April 2021, 

Mar 2021 - Protect, respect, connect – DNACPR decisions

This page provides CQC’s review of DNACPR decisions during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Oct 2020 - Transitional Monitoring Approach

As the pandemic evolves, CQC are also evolving their approach to regulating and have introduced a transitional monitoring approach which will replace the ESF.

June 2020 - Emergency Support Framework

CQC are evolving their approach to regulating and the way they monitor services due to the pandemic and have introduced the emergency support framework.  

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