Template Letters

Managing inappropriate workload 

Collaborative arrangement payments – template letter and invoice to LA
Collaborative arrangement payments (Safeguarding) – template letter and invoice to LA
Contractual Actions- template letter to Hospital Trusts
Declining to take on more shared care work – template letter for practices
Delay to information request or payment – template letter to Commissioner
Did Not Attend – template letters – Appendix A, B, C
Discharge of patients after missed appointment – template letter to hospital provider

DWP Appeals – template letters – Appendix A & B

Eating Disorders – ongoing medical management
Follow up requests for investigations performed in other settings – template letter
Inappropriate prescribing requests – template response letter
Inappropriate workload transfer – template letter to Commissioner

Low Dose Sedative Requests

Medication requests for flying – sample policy
Medication requests to delay menstruation – sample policy
Non-contractual administrative task request – template letter
Post-operative checks requests – template letter to secondary care
Returning misdirected mail to the sender – template letter
Schools and OTC medications – template letter to schools
Schools requests for medical certificates – template letter
Shared Care Protocol requests – template letter – Appendix A

Social Housing medical report requests – template letters Appendix A & B

Unacceptable Behaviour – template letter for Practices
Work absence sick note requests (less than 7 days)- template response letter
Work transfer – tempate response letter to secondary care

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