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Support & Pastoral Care

Cambs LMC has many years experience of working within the system to support general practice and this breadth and depth of expertise, relationships and resources serves as is a unique source of independent, reliable and trusted advice and support. Our job is to look after you, so you can concentrate on looking after your patients.  We aim to help you know what you need to know and while we deal with day to day questions and queries from GPs and Practice Managers, we also frequently provide support on a broad spectrum of issues, including providing free, confidential pastoral care via the pastoral support team who are here to support you when you need us. 

Guidance & Resources

Our LMC guidance documents reflect the current procedures that applied at the time of writing and are designed to cover some typical situations that may arise.   We always encourage practices to contact us directly to discuss any issues with us, as well as referring to our guidance. 

Surveys & Campaigns

Our most recent and currently ongoing campaign, PCAS can be found here, together with our previous surveys & campaigns.

Non GP Organisations (page curently under development)

This section describes the relationships between NHS GPs and other organisations such as other NHS Healthcare providers, the Private Sector, Local Authorities and provides some of the principles in the way in which they work together.

Events, Training & Education

Information relating to events, training and educaations, including resources, presentation slides and event video recordings.

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