About us

Representing Cambridgeshire and Peterborough General Practice

Founded in 1911 for all GPs

LMCs are statutory bodies in the UK, recognised by successive NHS Acts as the professional organisation representing individual GPs and GP practices in their geographical area which is historically coterminous with the successive NHS primary care or other healthcare organisations.

Through the interaction with the British Medical Association’s General Practitioners Committee (GPC), and as the complexity of General Practice has increased, the strength of LMCs lies in their abilities to represent the entirety of the profession, maintaining a corporate memory which has allowed for developed relationships for common benefit with NHS organisations.

Cambs LMC has a constitution that sets out its democratic processes, which includes an open and fair election process.  The Committee, elected to represent all GPs in Cambridgeshire & Peterborough by the local profession, consists of 24 members drawn from a single countywide constituency.


Cambs LMC represents you in local negotiations on all matters that affect General Practice – aiming for the local NHS to be something we are all rightly proud of. We maintain strong links with GPC, which is recognised as the sole negotiating body for all GPs with the government.


With professionalism and integrity, we support doctors and partnerships with a broad spectrum of issues, ranging from pastoral support, personal or partnership difficulty, performance, GMC and CQC matters. We do not condone bad practice, and always strive to avoid bringing the profession into disrepute.


The LMC team has a broad collective experience of working to support General Practice, providing timely, unique, reliable, and trusted resources. Whilst we deal with frequent, wide-ranging queries from practices, we also liaise with and advise the local NHS, on matters relating to profession.


Cambs LMC is independent and owned by the local GPs we represent. We’re not restricted by being a union, part of the BMA or an NHS Body but we continue to hold a prominent national position of influence across the UK, which complements the local work we undertake on your behalf.


The office at Duxford is the hub of the LMCs work and is the first point of contact for constituents whose practices main site are in the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough County. Although independent organisations, on occasion, we may work closely with other LMCs on shared issues to achieve common goals.


Carrying the voice of the profession on matters where views can differ, the LMC is the forum for strong local debate, and always supports independence and empowers professional unity, either in contract negotiations for individual doctors or whole practices, or in matters of regulation and performance.

Meet the Team

Our team has a wealth of experience in working to support all GPs, Practice Managers and General Practice teams.

Committee Members

Your Committee are local GPs, elected by the local profession to represent all GPs in Cambridgeshire & Peterborough.

Election 2025

The next Committee Elections will open in early 2025

Committee Meeting Minutes

Our minutes are published for constituent practice viewing.

Annual Reports

Our annual reports provide updates on our progress and plans each year, including reviews of our financial performance, governance, and achievements and successes.

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