General Practice Alert System

GPAS is Cambs LMCs General Practice Alert Status collection across Cambridgeshire & Peterborough.  

Our  workload and capacity report (published November 2020) and also access and demand (published June 2021.) both led to the launch of the weekly GPAS alert status collection in August 2021.

Your feedback has enabled us to better understand the pressures you are experiencing and the impact that it has on the running of your services.

ALL data is anonymised.

Update your GPAS status

Practices are asked to submit their GPAS alert state by 17:30 on Thursdays each week.

Weekly timeline


Practices review the alert state definitions and consider their current status

Tuesday through to Thursday

Practice completes GPAS survey by 17:30 deadline 
on Thursday


LMC collates and prepares report to be shared with General Practice System Leader colleagues.

GPAS Definitions

Green Alert State


The GREEN ALERT state references a Practice running at normal levels of activity with resources in balance, patient waiting times acceptable and communications with external stakeholders at routine levels.

Assessment criteria

Patient Flow
: Demand being met with waiting times 
at an acceptable level

Staff Levels: Balanced and sustainable

Communications: At routine levels with external stakeholders

Opel conversion

Opel: One

Meaning: Normal running and sustainable

System response
: None defined

Amber Alert State

Sustainable in the medium term only & management action is required to revert to GREEN.

The AMBER ALERT state references a Practice running with some staff/resource shortage, patient waiting times are acceptable and communications with external stakeholders are at slightly elevated levels.

Assessment criteria

Patient Flow: Waiting times are extended but tolerable

Staff Levels: Some shortages but tolerable in the medium term

Communications: Increased level of communications with some external stakeholders

Opel conversion

Opel: Two/Three

Meaning: Trust showing signs of pressure/increased pressures at Trust

System response
: Focused actions/system wide response required to return to OPEL 1

Red Alert State

Sustainable in the short term only.

The RED ALERT state references a Practice running under significant pressure but requiring immediate action to mitigate the situation. Staff shortages, increased patient waiting times and elevated levels of communications with stakeholders will put the whole Practice under untenable strain.

Assessment criteria

Patient Flow: Compromised with insufficient bookable appointments and telephony possibly overwhelmed

Staff Levels: Shortages impacting upon operational delivery

Communications: Immediate communications required with external stakeholders

Opel conversion

Opel: Four

Meaning: None defined

System response
: Decisive action required with escalation to regional level for support

Black Alert State

Unsafe to continue without intervention from stakeholders.

The BLACK ALERT state references a Practice in extreme distress.

Assessment criteria

Three assessment criteria at Alert State RED

No ability to revert to Amber or Green in the short term

Opel conversion

Opel/Meaning/System response
: No equivalent.

At system level this would equate to total system failure. This level is required within the GPAS to define those Practices in distress and likely to hand back their contracts.


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