GMC Good Medical Practice 2024

The GMC’s Good Medical Practice guidance was updated on 30 January 2024, replacing the previous version on this date.

The current version of the document is here and the previous version here, for comparison.

What has remained the same?

The format and content of Good Medical Practice has in many respects remained the same (or similar) and the guidance still retains the following structure:

  • Duties of medical professionals registered with the GMC.
  • Domain 1 – Knowledge, skills and development.
  • Domain 2 – Patients, partnerships and communication.
  • Domain 3 – Colleagues, culture and safety.
  • Domain 4 – Trust and professionalism.

Please note there has been some slight amendment to the section titles in part to reflect that these standards will also apply to physician associates and anaesthesia associates when they become regulated by the GMC.

What has changed?

Good Medical Practice has been updated in relation to the behaviours and values which support good teamwork, make everyone feel safe to speak up, and empower doctors to provide quality care. The key changes are aimed at:

Must or should?

The GMC have updated the definitions of ‘must’ and ‘should’, which now read as follows:

  • ‘You must’ is used for a legal or ethical duty you’re expected to meet or be able to justify why you didn’t.
  • ‘You should’ is used for duties or principles that either: may not apply to you or to the situation you’re currently in, or you may not be able to comply with because of factors outside your control.

What should I do now?

You should familiarise yourself with the new version of Good Medical Practice now that it is in effect:

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